Footsies – The World’s 1st 3D Printed, Foot-Shaped Bicycle Pedals.

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Why ride on Footsie Pedals? 
Because they fit your feet, and they’re so comfortable!  Now you can have both performance AND comfort in a bike pedal.

Footsies are perfect for riding in soft-soled shoes (like boat shoes shown above), flat-soled sneakers, moccasins, sandals, flip-flops, socks – even bare feet!

Footsies are designed for recreational bike riders who want more comfort and convenience in their pedals.  Unlike conventional “bear trap” or studded pedals that can cut into soft-soled shoes, Footsies distribute pedaling forces evenly over a larger, smoother pedal surface area, for a more comfortable, enjoyable ride. 

Footsie pedals are 3D printed from lightweight aluminum alloy metal.  Footsies’ adjustable straps are made from strong, lightweight polyester seat belt webbing that hold your feet firmly on Footsies’ foot-shaped pedal surface. 

All Footsies are custom made to match your personal style, with 10 different vibrant pedal strap colors to choose from.  You can also select the type of “pedal pads” on your Footsie straps:  either “Performance”, a thin, 3mm layer of fabric-covered neoprene that gives you maximum contact and feel for the road, or “Plush”, a soft, velvet-covered memory foam cushion that provides maximum comfort.

Footsie Pedals come in one size that fits everyone’s feet.  We're working on new materials, designs and production processes that will bring the price down even further, to make Footsies more affordable to more cyclists.

Your feet are gonna LOVE playing “Footsies” with these pedals!

Footsies are available for sale now.  Order your Footsies today!