VéloPods® -
the World's First Bike Console - Available in 7 Vibrant Colors!

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VéloPods® are like a car console for your bike, only even handier!

VéloPods® are the first bicycle frame bags that carry all the stuff you need on your ride – water bottle*, smartphone**, snacks, spare inner tube – all in one place, right in front of you, within easy reach on your bike. 

VéloPods® are designed to fit on most types of recreational bikes*** - city bikes, cruisers, bmx's, recumbents, etc. 

VéloPods® are the handiest place to stash all your stuff on your ride.  Put everything you need in your VéloPod!

VéloPods® will be available for sale as soon as we restock our inventory - Check Back Soon!

* Water Bottles sold separately. 
** Smartphone not included - Bring Your 0wn Phone!
*** VéloPods are not designed to fit on road or racing bikes when riding in a forward crouch position.  VéloPods are designed to fit on most other types of recreational bikes when riding in a more upright position, to allow enough space for VéloPods between rider and bike.