Bike Different Vélo Tour Bicycle

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Introducing the Bike Different Vélo Tour.

A unique, original, entirely new recumbent-style* bicycle, with innovative features not found on any other bike. 


Completely reimagined and redesigned from the ground up to deliver exceptional comfort and performance for commuting, long-distance touring, and everyday riding.


Features & Tech Specs

Every Bike Different Bike comes with the following standard equipment:

    • 16” Front Wheel for easy turning, 24” Rear Wheel for better traction and performance.
    • Patent-Pending Armrest Steering – steer simply by moving your arms back and forth on padded armrests at your side.
    • Carbon Fiber Control Panels with twist shift hand grips, disc brake levers, 2-tone bell, 2 rear view mirrors, and a remote-controlled tail light with turn signals, all right at your fingertips. 

  • Ergonomic Ventilated Mesh-Back Seat that tilts, reclines, and adjusts forward and backward for a perfect fit.
  • Integrated Topeak® Rear Pannier Rack.

Optional Components & Accessories

    • VéloPods frame-mounted console, with easy access to your smartphone or GPS, water bottle, snacks and other goodies, in 7 vibrant colors.

  • Footsies – The World’s 1st 3D Printed, Foot-Shaped Bicycle Pedals.  

    Now you can have both performance AND comfort in a bike pedal!

  • Wraparound Front Fairing with LED Headlight – protective and aerodynamic, makes your bike go incredibly fast!
  • Dual Hydration Tubing from 2 front or rear-mounted water bottles right to your lips.
  • Topeak® Rear Panniers that click into integrated Topeak® Rear Pannier Rack.
    This is the fully expanded Topeak® MTX Trunkbag DXP, the pannier that holds everything, including laptop computers or tablets in 2 large side pockets.
  • Fenders for front and rear wheels, to keep the rain from spraying on your face and back.
  • Safety Flags can be custom-made with your own designs.

Advantages & Benefits for Commuters

The Bike Different Pendolare is designed to be the safest, easiest, fastest, most comfortable, and most fun commuter bicycle ever made.

  • As Comfortable to Ride On as Driving a Car, without all the hassle and expense.

  • No More Achy Back, Sore Butt, Numb Fingers, or Pain-in-the-Neck from crowching over conventional upright bikes.

  • Lightweight, Compact, Convenient and Portable.

  • Easy to Get On and Off by swinging your leg over low top tube.

  • Carry All Your Stuff in the VéloPods console, rear or underseat panniers.
  • Safe & Highly Visible – easily seen by cars, peds & other bikes.
  • Stable & Steady - feet close to the ground for easy stopping and starting.
  • Short Wheelbase – easy to maneuver in and out of traffic.
  • Low-Cost, Healthy Exercise – burn calories instead of gas.
  • Eco-Friendly Transportation only CO2 emitted is your breath.
  • Bike to Work in Your Work Clothes – no sweat, no change of clothes, no shower or extra deoderant needed.
  • Ready Whenever You Are – Just Hop On and Go!**

* On a recumbent bicycle, you sit in a comfy, slightly reclined seat and pedal mostly forward.  

* *Always wear a helmet to protect yourself from head injuries.

Why Ride on Recumbent Bikes Instead of Other City Bikes?

Recumbent bikes are way more comfortable and a lot less strain on your hands, back and butt than other upright city bikes. The Pendolare’s 24” rear wheel gives you more traction and speed than other compact city bikes with smaller 20” wheels.  Our bikes are also more aerodynamic and a lot faster than other city bikes, especially when equipped with a front fairing!

Bike Different Pendolare is simply the best bike for your daily commute!

So Kick Back, Relax, & Enjoy the Ride
– to Work, to School & Around Town, on Roads, Trails & Bike Lanes, in Cities & Towns Everywhere
– on a Bike Different Pendolare Bike!

To Schedule a Free Demo Ride & Experience a Faster, More Comfortable, More Fun Ride, Please Contact:

Bike Different Pendolare bikes will be available for sale at your nearest specialty bike store starting in 2024.

Bike Different is taking pre-orders from bicycle store owners and dealers now for delivery of Pendolare bikes to your stores in Spring 2024. 
If you are a bicycle store owner or dealer who is interested in carrying Bike Different Pendolare bikes in your stores, please contact us at

Thanks, and Happy Cycling!

~ The Bike Different Team